Tools and Resources

  • Use this log page to help you remember to check and record your blood glucose levels. You will need to record your blood sugar levels according to the testing pattern that you and your diabetes educator decide will work for you. Just because there are 8 spaces for each day doesn’t mean that you need to test that much. Only check and record your blood glucose test results according to YOUR pattern. You and your Diabetes Educator can use the entries in your log to look for blood glucose patterns and decide together if you need to make changes.
    Blood Glucose Log

  • Understand why blood glucose monitoring is important, and how to do it.
    Managing Your Blood Glucose

  • Recognize the signs of low or high blood glucose, and how to treat it.
    Lows and Highs: Blood Glucose Levels

Useful Websites

Your personal SMBG schedule is unique. Visit your nearest Diabetes Education Centre to talk to a diabetes educator. (You may need a referral from your doctor.)

For more information about living well with diabetes, visit /